Shipping & Returns

What is the shipping time?

We ship your order as quickly as possible. Within the Netherlands this is 1-2 business days. Within Europe usually 2-7 business days. Outside Europe 2-14 business days.

Where can I track my delivery?

You can easily track your order via this link. You receive a track & trace code in your email after placing the order."

What is the return policy

We believe in our product, that is why we offer 100 day hassle-free returns. Conditions apply, please see the return policy

Where can I submit a return?

Through this portal you can submit a return. Please first look at our returns policy for the conditions that apply.


How does the technology work?

Our patented technology prevents stains, unpleasant odors, and sweat marks from ruining your day. MR PARKER is unique because we apply the technology to the cotton fiber before weaving it into the fabric. This means that there is no coating, so the fabric remains breathable and soft to the touch.

Additionally, the stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and sweat-blocking properties do not diminish after washing. Invest in a shirt that is not only stylish and sophisticated, but also practical and long-lasting.

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Is there a coating on the fabric?

No, unlike existing solutions, our shirts do not have a "closed" coating on the fabric. The technology is applied to the cotton fiber before weaving it into the fabric.

This means that the technology is woven into the fabric itself, allowing it to remain breathable and soft to the touch.

Invest in a shirt that not only looks and feels great, but also provides practical benefits that will last wash after wash.

Does washing reduce the qualities?

If you follow the washing instructions, the properties of the shirt will remain effective. However, like with any other clothing, the effectiveness may slightly decrease after multiple washings, as well as the color.

The properties of our shirts react in the same way as the dye in normal clothing. It is not comparable to waterproof clothing which has a coating. The properties of this type of clothing often decrease quickly after washing.

No need to worry, you will continue to be well protected while on the go!

Does it work for dark stains like coffee?

As long as the stain can be rinsed off with water, the color does not matter. It even works for the worst types of stains such as red wine, coffee, beet juice, and ketchup!

The technology works for liquid and semi-liquid stains. Keep in mind that for some semi-liquid stains such as honey and chocolate, more water may be needed to remove them. Stay confident in the effectiveness of our shirts, no matter the stain.

How does it prevent odor?

When someone sweats, bacteria enter the clothing. These multiply and after a while, an unpleasant smell develops.

The technology of MRPARKER prevents moisture from being absorbed into the clothing. This prevents unpleasant odors and ensures that you always look and smell fresh! Stay confident in the effectiveness of our shirts, no matter the situation.

Does it prevent yellow stains and sweat?

The MR PARKER shirt helps regulate your body heat by breathing. Perspiration evaporates while the technology keeps the fabric dry. This keeps you and your shirt dry and clean.

Yellow stains do not occur due to perspiration alone. These annoying stains occur when perspiration mixes with aluminum in deodorant. Aluminum reacts with the salt in perspiration, causing the fabric to discolor.

Our tip: use deodorant without aluminum. Is it too late already? Then wash it at 40 degrees with stain remover.

Product & Use

Where are the shirts made?

Our shirts are completely produced in the EU. We ensure ethical working conditions and the highest quality standards.

What materials are used?

The fabric is made of 100% cotton. For this, 100/2 (two-ply) yarns are used. Two-ply essentially means "double thread", where two yarns are twisted together to create a strong thread.

This is a superior type of fabric used in high-end shirts and is of better quality than single-ply. Invest in a shirt that not only looks and feels great, but is also made with durable, high-quality materials.

Does the fabric feel different, transparent or hotter than normal cotton?

No, the technology is completely invisible and cannot be felt. After the technology is applied to the high-quality cotton, the fabric remains completely soft, comfortable, breathable, and luxurious to the touch.

The look and feel of the cotton in MR PARKER shirts is the same as other brands in the premium segment. Invest in a shirt that not only provides practical benefits, but also looks and feels great.

Washing & Care

Can the shirt be washed in the washing machine, and with which detergent?

It can be washed up to a maximum of 40 degrees with regular detergent. It is best not to use bleach and stain remover. You are highly unlikely to need it anyways ;)

We recommend washing it with similar colors.

Can I bring the shirt to the dry cleaner?

Yes, this is possible, it has no effect on the fabric or the properties.

Does it lose its properties after multiple washes?

If you follow the washing instructions, the properties will remain effective. However, the effectiveness may decrease slightly after washing often, just like the color of other clothing.

The properties react the same as the dye in normal clothing. It is not comparable to waterproof clothing with a coating. You often see that the properties of these quickly decrease after washing.

No worries, you will be well protected for a while!

Can I put the shirt in the dryer?

We recommend not putting clothing in the dryer. By definition, this damages the quality of the shirt.

No worries, the fabric is quick-drying. On a hanger it is dry in no time, and it is also already in the right shape.

What is the best way to iron the shirt?

The fabric is heat-resistant. We recommend using the cotton setting on the iron. This is sometimes also indicated by two dots.

We have a secret tip for extra fast ironing results: spray water on the shirt before ironing. This way you can get an impeccable shirt with a few movements. Keep your shirts looking sharp and fresh with our technology, and follow these care instructions to keep them in top condition.